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Pair of classics


This pack includes 1 mini 5cl Beirão d'Honra and 5cl of Licor Beirão, in its own box.

No time to choose what to give? Preferably, a gift that everyone likes? This box is here to make your life easier. With two classic mini Beirão bottles, it's practical, enjoyable, and - importantly - doesn't break the bank. You'll see they'll like it: it's not called 'Pair of Classics' for nothing...

Licor Beirão

The Liqueur of Portugal needs no introduction. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that it is the number 1 spirit in Portugal, regularly present on the tables of the Portuguese and beyond. It forms the basis of good conversation and memorable moments. It tastes better when shared.

Capacity: 5cl.

Volume: 22%.

Licor Beirão Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, distilled aromatic plants and seeds, caramel.

Beirão d'Honra

Beirão d’Honra, born as a tribute to J. Carranca Redondo, and intended to be a limited edition, is a recipe enriched with aged grape brandy. The recipe is unique, the flavor is engaging, and it's ideal for unique and memorable moments: word of honor. As for consumption, unlike Licor Beirão, Beirão d'Honra should preferably be served in a 'Copo Balão' (balloon glass) and neat - no ice.

Capacity: 5cl.

Volume: 30%.

Beirão d'Honra Ingredients: water, alcohol, aged grape brandy, sugar, distilled aromatic plants and seeds.

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Pair of classics
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