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Honor in Your Name


There are gifts that are unforgettable. And if receiving a Beirão d'Honra was already special, when it comes with a personalized label, it gets even better. 💛 Customize the label of the Beirão d'Honra bottle, the one that is enjoyed without ice, and turn it into an unforgettable keepsake. Then... it's time to open it. After all, it's a gift with no long-term future. 😅 The personalization is exclusive to the Online Store.

This exclusive offer from the Online Store includes a bottle of Beirão d'Honra 70cl with a customizable front label. 

Beirão d'Honra, which was born as a tribute to J. Carranca Redondo and with the intention of being a limited edition, is a recipe enriched with aged grape brandy. The recipe is unique, the flavor is captivating, and it is ideal for unique and memorable moments: word d'Honra. As for consumption, unlike Licor Beirão, Beirão d'Honra should be enjoyed preferably in a Balloon Glass and neat - without ice.

Beirão d'Honra Ingredients: water, alcohol, aged grape brandy, sugar, distilled herbs and aromatic seeds.

Capacity: 70cl.

Volume: 30%.


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Honor in Your Name
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