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Beirão To The Top
Beirão To The Top
34.98€ 25.98€
Bottoms (c)up!
Bottoms (c)up!
18.99€ 15.20€

Perfect pair

19.99€ 15.99€

To Boss it up is to wear Beirão socks. Your next bottle of 'The Liqueur of Portugal' comes with a pair of Beirão socks (a classic already) and a 'Nosso' (Ours) jar. Share the Beirão with friends, wear the socks for any occasion, and use the 'Nosso' as a multi-purpose container. Perfect to give... and receive!

Licor Beirão Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, distilled aromatic plants and seeds, caramel.

Capacity: 70cl.

Volume: 22%

Licor Beirão Socks: 85% cotton | 12% Polyamide | 3% Elastane. One size fits all. Made in Portugal. Text on the sides: 'Traz Beirão' (Bring Beirão). Text on the sole: 'Vai um Beirão' (How about a Beirão) and 'A meias?' (Half and half?)

Promotion valid from November 3rd to December 31st, 2023.


Perfect pair
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