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Chocolates à Patrão

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Do you have a lot of friends? With so many Beirão chocolates, you will... 'À Patrão' Chocolates can improve any occasion, they go well with coffee, and they go well with Licor Beirão. And, in this box alone, there are 15 of them. You'll see how suddenly a lot of people will want to 'just taste'...

Licor Beirão Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, distilled aromatic plants and seeds, caramel. Volume: 22%

Chocolates Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, Licor Beirão® (2.8%), alcohol, emulsifier (lecithins), vanilla flavor. Contains 2.8% alcohol.

May contain traces of milk (including lactose), nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and derivatives.

Contains alcohol. We advise consumption only by adults of legal drinking age.

Suggestion: Keep the chocolates refrigerated until the moment of consumption.

Best before: 09/2024 Produced in the EU: 09/2023 Batch: L09/23 125g "e" (15 units)

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Promotion valid from October 6th to December 31st, 2023.


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