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Pack Give Me Socks (And Licor Beirão)


Who said no one likes to receive socks? 😏 Especially if they're socks like these, accompanied by a bottle of Beirão liqueur... 😅

This pack consists of a 70cl bottle of Licor Beirão and a pair of Beirão socks.

Ingredients Licor Beirão: water, alcohol, sugar, distilled herbs and aromatic seeds, caramel.

Capacity: 70cl.

Volume: 22%.

Beirão Socks: 85% cotton | 12% polyamide | 3% elastane.

One size fits all. Made in Portugal.

Text on the sides written in Portuguese: "Traz Beirão" (Bring Beirão). Text on the bottom written in Portuguese: "Vai um Beirão" (How about a Beirão) and "A meias?" (Together?).

Limited to available stock.

The image is for illustrative purposes only. Please drink responsibly.


Pack Give Me Socks (And Licor Beirão)
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