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Pack Beirão with Honor


The Beirão with Honor pack brings together the best of both worlds, combining the classic Licor Beirão with the distinguished Beirão d'Honra. This pack is perfect for those who appreciate the unique flavors and want to experience the essence of both beverages.

Licor Beirão:

The renowned Licor Beirão, known as the spirit of Portugal, is a delightful and versatile liqueur that can be enjoyed on its own, with ice, or as a key ingredient in cocktails. Its recipe, carefully crafted from a blend of aromatic plants and seeds, creates a harmonious and captivating flavor.

water, alcohol, sugar, distilled plants and aromatic seeds, caramel.

Capacity: 70cl.

Volume: 22%.

Beirão d'Honra:
Beirão d'Honra is a special edition crafted as a tribute to J. Carranca Redondo. Enriched with aged grape brandy, it offers a unique and enchanting taste. Best enjoyed neat in a Balloon Glass, Beirão d'Honra is perfect for those unforgettable and cherished moments.

water, alcohol, aged grape brandy, sugar, distilled plants and aromatic seeds.

Capacity: 70cl.

Volume: 30%.

Indulge in the Beirão with Honor pack and discover the true essence of these exceptional beverages. It's a celebration of flavors that will elevate your drinking experience.

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Pack Beirão with Honor
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