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Licor Beirão 20cl with Classic Glass


This is a classic among classics: a set of Licor Beirão 20cl with the classic glass... what a classic! 😅 And it's not by chance: it's perfect to take home, as a birthday gift (or for Easter), or to give to someone special. Because "just one more" bottle of Licor Beirão is never too much. And a classic glass, neither...

The Portuguese liqueur is always the topic of conversation among friends. Whether as a digestif on the rocks or in a cocktail version, it is a must-have for all happy moments: those to celebrate and those that are genuine and spontaneous. We call it the drink of happy moments and recognize its unique flavor, achieved through the double distillation of aromatic plants and seeds.

Licor Beirão Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, distilled aromatic plants and seeds, caramel.

Capacity: 20cl.

Volume: 22%.

Limited to available stock. The image is a suggested presentation.

Please drink responsibly.


Licor Beirão 20cl with Classic Glass
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