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The Fun Kit

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The mild temperatures arrive, and the essential remains: the spirit of good times with friends. And that includes Beirão. 💛 So that nothing is missing, we add to the bottle of "The Portuguese Liqueur" a pack of Beirão chocolates, a deck of Beirão playing cards, and a pair of "Patrão" socks. We're not ones for trouble, but... whoever wins the game, wins the socks?

This pack consists of:

- 1 bottle of Licor Beirão 70cl,

- 1 deck of Licor Beirão playing cards,

- 1 pack of "Patrão" Chocolates (with 15 Licor Beirão chocolates)

- 1 pair of Licor Beirão socks.

The Portuguese Liqueur is always the topic of conversation at a table of friends. Whether enjoyed as a digestif with ice or in a cocktail version, it is a must-have presence in all happy moments: those meant for celebration and those that are genuine and spontaneous. We call it the drink of happy moments and recognize its unique flavor, achieved through the double distillation of aromatic plants and seeds.

Licor Beirão Ingredients: water, alcohol, sugar, distilled aromatic plants and seeds, caramel.

Capacity: 70cl.

Volume: 22%.

Licor Beirão Chocolates Ingredients: Sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, Licor Beirão® (2.8%), alcohol, emulsifier (lecithins), vanilla flavor. Contains 2.8% alcohol.

May contain traces of milk (including lactose), nuts, hazelnuts, almonds, and derived products.

Contains alcohol. We advise consumption only by adults of legal drinking age.

Suggestion: Keep the chocolates refrigerated until consumption.

Licor Beirão Socks: 85% cotton | 12% polyamide | 3% elastane.

One size fits all. Made in Portugal.

Text on the sides written in Portuguese: "Traz Beirão" (Bring Beirão). Text on the sole written in Portuguese: "Vai um Beirão" (How about a Beirão) and "A meias?" (Halfway?).

Campaign valid from May 30th to June 30th, 2023. Limited to existing stock. The image is a presentation suggestion.

Drink responsibly. Enjoy in moderation.


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The Fun Kit
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