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Boss Calendar... With Ice


The true Boss Calendar includes a premium ice bucket as a gift.

It consists of 12 bottles of Licor Beirão, one for each month of the year. We don't know which month will be the most memorable, but we guarantee that all of them will have an unmistakable flavor: that of the Licor from Portugal.

This pack includes:
- 12 bottles of 70cl Licor Beirão (customized label with the month of the year)
- 1 wooden ice bucket (37x28x22cm)

Licor Beirão Bottle
The Licor from Portugal is always the topic of conversation at a table among friends. Whether enjoyed as a digestif with ice or in a cocktail version, it is a must-have presence in all happy moments: those meant to be celebrated and those that are genuine and spontaneous. We call it the drink of happy moments and recognize its unique flavor, achieved through the double distillation of plants and aromatic seeds.

Licor Beirão Ingredients
: water, alcohol, sugar, distilled plants and aromatic seeds, caramel.

Capacity: 70cl.

Volume: 22%.

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Boss Calendar... With Ice
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